The Leading Edge In Broadband Internet Services

As one of Poland’s leading cable communication companies, Stream is earning a reputation for providing customers with a range of the leading-edge products and services.

Today, Stream Poland provides affordable, secure, high-speed Internet services to over 36 000 homes and small-to-medium businesses throughout  Poland (from South to Nord).
This includes an “always on” network relying on state-of-the-art cable modems.

The company will continue to expand these offerings with a range of business applications such as data storage and transfer products as well as leading-edge technologies such as VoIP.

Bringing Western Technology To Central Europe

As the only publicly-traded cable communications company devoted exclusively to Central Europe, Stream has the access to capital required to provide customers with the leading edge in broadband technology.

Today, Stream’s broadband Internet network is fully equipped to provide bundled services including cable television, high-speed data transmission Internet access and telephony. This sophisticated network also offers a range of advanced customer service features such as usage-based billing and multi-level security.