Industry Overview

In 1999, the founders of Stream Communications seized a historic opportunity.

With the collapse of Communism, and the emergence of Poland as a thriving Western economy, Stream recognized a pivotal stage in the country’s growth, as it embarked on a wave of media expansion and consolidation comparable to that experienced in North America in the 1970s and 1980s.

It was a momentous opportunity.

The emergence of a free market brought with it an explosion in the media landscape,
as Poland went from two state-owned Polish channels to hundreds Polish and Polish
language channels being delivered by thousands of cable networks. Of these, most were privately owned single stations, some with less than a thousand subscribers. What’s more, the country had the largest single-language market in Central Europe with one of the highest TV viewerships on the continent.

Like the United States some 20 years earlier, it was a market poised for consolidation. And Stream Communications was ideally positioned to capitalize on this historic moment.