Businness in Poland

An Opportunity to Realize Historic Returns

Boasting one of the fastest growing economies in Central Europe, Poland is emerging as an extraordinary value in the broadband cable market.

Currently the 7th largest cable market in Europe with 14 million households, Poland has one of the highest TV viewerships on the continent with an average of 250 minutes of daily viewing. Despite this undeniable demand for television entertainment, Poland’s basic cable penetration rate is among the lowest on the continent Similarly, Internet penetration is only 28%, compared to 60% among EU nations. Poland’s average is expected to climb to 50% soon.

Given the country’s strong currency, rising wages, lack of restrictions on foreign trade and recent induction into the European Union, Poland truly is poised for unparalleled growth.


Pursuing Growth in Southern Poland

It is a powerful strategy for growth.

Unlike Poland’s other leading cable companies, Stream’s strategy of acquisition, organic growth, and consolidation is focused both on the northern and southern region of the country. Both regions are from the strategical point of view an optimal target for Stream’s network.